Well, we did our bit for Earth Day on 22nd April, and got Very Earthy indeed, muddy even, in our re-rotavated but still rather sticky and heavy patch!

So, here is the first planting of the year, with a bunch of brassicas (Romanesco and caulis) and some tender Appia lettuce seedlings artfully arranged around the outside of the first bed, prior to interior planting of beans and peas ... 

We will hopefully try to protect the lettuce from our voracious Normandy slug population with some organic solution or other ... The resident toads and various other ecofriendly deterents will no doubt also play their part. We also lke a few rows of colourful companion flowers to deter, including marigolds and cosmos.

A bit of permaculture in the background  - aka herb and fruit beds that need some weeding to rescue the permaculture within!