Make a 6kW OzInverter.


Making a Low cost, simple and robust 6kW, 50HZ Pure Sine Wave, 48vdc to 230vac, INVERTER.

There is no money in this book publication, no financial gain, we are not a commercial organization, we just want our costs and P+P, but it’s good to finally see all that Information is in one place, in a Book.


The first edtition covers mostly the PowerJack Chinese made boards Book. ISBN 9780993590306. A4 Size, 76 printed pages, 151 colour photographs, 14 diagrams. And the first edition came with a supplement and silk screen masks for the new PCB’s


The NEW SECOND EDTION, ISBN 978-0-9935903-2-0 2nd edition has 92 pages with 34,000 words and 243 colour photographs and diagrams, its really a WORKSHOP MANUAL and I have sqeezed as much imformation as possible on each and every page.


This 2nd edition is now at the printers/proof reader and expected publication June 1st 2019.


What’s in the 2nd edition Book ?

Absolutely Everything, explaining & showing and very explicit …. From the Core, winding the toroid, to the PCB’s, build techniques and advive, and all the other necessary components to give you a Real Working 6kW OzInverter.

 Extra time was taken on the design and construction of the PCB’s, for robustness, and ensure extra-long life.  And importantly, that all components and parts of the New OzInverter are easily obtainable.



OzInverter Updates & Notes.........

June 2018, price rise to cover postage costs. Standard post and tracking is now approx. $24. for the PCB's option with the book, and approximately $18 for just the book  to most normal places in the World.

  PLEASE Note .... Brazil does not recognize the international tracking number from my local French Post Office, and can be up to 12 weeks before delivery. I can not offer Tracking when posting to Brazil.

There is now ready for production a 60Hz and 120vac OzControl board PCB, please contact me for further details. The 60Hz copper masks and the toroid build amendments for 120vac will be in the new book.

The Future....  ........ Manufacturing OzInverters?.... At Present, No way!    just far to many hurdles to jump through. But may get my boys to do a kit of parts, as another option with the Second edition of the OzInverter Book early 2019.

OzInverter project mantra........ KEEP IT SIMPLE, MAKE IT ROBUST, and very importantly. KEEP IT COST EFFECTIVE.

 If you recycle components and reuse toroid cores, a fully working 6kW OzInverter is possible at $380, using all new components approx. $650.